TOUR06052 2021 Events Management

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Full Title
Events Management
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Events Management
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Subject Area
TOUR - Tourism
MKTS - Marketing, Tourism & Sport
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2021 - Full Academic Year 2021-22
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Mr. John Kelleher, Joanna Sweeney
Programme Membership
SG_BINTE_B07 202200 Bachelor of Business in International Tourism with Event Management SG_BTEVM_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Tourism with Event Management SG_BMKTG_B07 202000 Bachelor of Business in Marketing SG_BMARK_H08 202000 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing SG_BMKTG_B07 202200 Bachelor of Business in Marketing SG_BMARK_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing SG_BTOTR_B07 202200 Bachelor of Business in Tourism with Event Management SG_BTOUR_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Tourism with Event Management SG_BTOTR_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Tourism with Event Management SG_BINTM_B07 202300 Bachelor of Business in International Tourism with Event Management

This subject will demonstrate critical appreciation of event planning and management conceptually being able to apply this within the industry setting.

The subject is theory based & addresses fundamental aspects of event management theory & legislation crucial to working in the event sector

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Demonstrate an awareness of event management & develop a critical appreciation of event design & planning 


Display knowledge of systems & processes of  event management and monitoring while interpreting key concepts & applications to run successful events 


Analyse, interpret, monitor and recommend actions for the successful financial management of events


Assess innovations, trends and future development associated with event management

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Lectures in flat classroom

Can be delivered online 


Module Assessment Strategies

Students will construct a best practice guide for running events in Ireland  x 40%

Students will submit a proposal in relation to the event (virtual/hybrid or real life)  they will run in the following semester within the subject Event Project Management x 20%

Final Exam/ essay x 40%


Repeat Assessments

Can repeat CA during summer

Repeat exam available

Essay or exam 

Indicative Syllabus

1)  The Events business

  • Examine the event industry in Ireland today (1)
  • Discuss agencies and associations implementing strategic event management (1,2)
  • Compare and contrast the various typologies of events, meetings, conferences, incentives & exhibitions (1,2)
  • List suppliers of services within the event sector (1,2)
  • Analyse logistical issues and challenges (1,2)
  • Examine Health & safety for the suppliers of event services (1,2,3)
  • Explain contemporary issues surrounding the festival & event sector using relevant literature  (3,4)

2)The event planning process

  • Interpret the uses of a fault diagram (1,2,3)
  • Discuss the uses of a gantt chart (1,2,3)
  • Analyse important milestones dates when running events (1,2,3)
  • Appreciate the various software which can help the event planner (1,2,3)
  • Interpret articles and current trends in the area of event management (3,4)

3)Legislation & Health & Safety considerations

  • Examine the various legislative measures which must be put in place pre during & post event (1,2,3,4)
  • Interpret various authorities documentation & legislation regarding the event sector (1,2,3,4)
  • Discuss the uses of licences and permits within the event sector (1,2,3,4)
  • Interpret the risk assessment methodologies  (1,2,3,4)
  • Examine best practice when writing a risk assessment (1,2,3,4)
  • Examine safety statements and the uses within the event sector (1,2,3,4)
  • Discuss insurance policies needed to formulate a safe event (1,2,3,4)
  • Examine academic research in event management (3,4)

4) Financial management for events

  • Examine budgeting and accounting within the event sector (3,4)
  • Explain various funding available to the sector (3,4)
  • Examine how one would be successful in funding applications (3,4)
  • Analyse  current trends in crowd funding and online platforms supporting the event sector (3,4) 
  • Discuss best practice using case studies (3,4)


Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
60 %
End of Semester / Year Formal Exam
40 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Continuous Assessment Coursework Assessment Assessment 40 % Week 4 1,4
2 Event Proposal Coursework Assessment Assessment 20 % Week 8 1,2,3,4

End of Semester / Year Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Final Exam Final Exam Closed Book Exam 40 % End of Term 1,2,3,4

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Flat Classroom Lecture 3 Weekly 3.00
Independent Learning Online Self Study 4 Weekly 4.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 3.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
2010-11-01 Festival and Special Event Management Wiley
ISBN 1742164617 ISBN-13 9781742164618

Festival and Special Event Management, 5th edition continues the comprehensive overview of the theory and procedures associated with festivals and special events established in previous editions. The new edition of this market-leading text introduces developments and professional tools, and considers the globalisation and subsequent internationalisation of event management. The role of marketing and communication, environmental planning, the increasing role of governments through the creation of event strategies, and the different perspectives of event management are all discussed. This edition aims to embrace and extend the growing body of knowledge relating to event management by tracking many of the recent changes and developments in the field. This offers students a current, relevant textbook for their study and professional reference.

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources

Bowdin et al(2010) Events Management Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title; 3 edition (14 Aug 2010) ISBN-10: 1856178188 ISBN-13: 978-1856178181

Getz (2007) Event Studies: Theory, Research and Policy for Planned Events (Events Management)(2007) Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title (17 May 2007)ISBN-10: 0750669594 ISBN-13: 978-0750669597

 Tum et al (2005) Management of Event Operations (Events Management)Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title (23 Sep 2005) ISBN-10: 0750663626 ISBN-13: 978-0750663625

The Event Safety Guide: A Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Similar Events (Guidance Booklets)Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Publisher: HSE Books; 2nd Revised edition edition (Oct 1999)ISBN-10: 0717624536 ISBN-13: 978-0717624539

Conway (2009) The Event Manager's Bible: The Complete Guide to Planning and Organising a Voluntary or Public Event Publisher: How To Books Ltd; 3Rev Ed edition (30 April 2009)ISBN-10: 1845283031 ISBN-13: 978-1845283032

 Entrepreneur Press (2008)  Start Your Own Event Planning Business Publisher: Entrepreneur Press; 2 edition (1 Aug 2008)ISBN-10: 1599181274 ISBN-13: 978-1599181271

Journal Resources

International Journal of Event & Festival Management 

URL Resources

Other Resources


Science Direct

Web of Science

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AOIFE ( Association of Irish Festivals & Events) membership