MKTG07127 2021 Sales Practice

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Sales Practice
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Sales Practice
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Subject Area
MKTG - Marketing
MKTS - Marketing, Tourism & Sport
07 - NFQ Level 7
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2021 - Full Academic Year 2021-22
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
David O'Halloran, Suzanne Ryan
Programme Membership
SG_BMKTG_B07 202000 Bachelor of Business in Marketing SG_BMARK_H08 202000 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing SG_BMKTG_B07 202200 Bachelor of Business in Marketing SG_BMARK_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing

This subject aims to develop an appreciation of the principles and practice of relationship sales. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Distinguish between the theoretical concepts and themes of sales.


Examine the stages in sales call planning and the sales process.



Explain value creation in the salesperson - customer relationship.



Prepare and present a professional sales presentation.


Explore the ethical issues concerning sales and salespeople.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The teaching and learning for this module comprises of lectures and tutorials. A problem based learning approach is used through case studies. Workshops, readings, simulation exercises and guest lecturers will also facilitate the teaching and learning in this module. Universal design principles will be embedded in the teaching and learning of the module. The module has cross assessments with the ecommerce module.

Module Assessment Strategies

  1. Distinguish between the theoretical concepts and themes of sales. Teaching methods- lectures, readings, case studies, workshops. Assessment methods- assessment, sales presentation, sales letter and exam.
  2. Evaluate the stages in the sales process. Teaching methods- Lectures, case-studies, guest lectures, role plays, workshops, seminars. Assessment methods- sales presentation and exam 
  3. Examine the stages in sales call planning. Teaching methods-guest lecturers, simulation exercises and role plays. Assessment methods-assessment and exam.
  4. Explain value creation in the salesperson - customer relationship. Teaching methods-lectures, readings, role-plays, workshops and guest lectures. Assessment methods-assignment, presentation and exam.
  5. Prepare and present professional sales presentation. Teaching methods- lectures, simulation exercises and role plays. Assessment methods-  sales presentation and sales letter.
  6. Explore the ethical issues concerning sales and salespeople. Teaching methods-lectures, case-studies, guest lectures, role plays, workshops and seminars. Assessment methods-sales presentation, sales letter and exam.



Repeat Assessments

The repeat assessments are as outlined above.

Indicative Syllabus

Relationship selling (LO1)

  • Identify and define the concept of relationship selling.
  • Understand the importance of customer centricity in selling.
  • Explain why value is a central theme in relationship selling.
  • Describe the element and process involved in relationship selling.
  • Discuss the components of the internal and external environment for relationship selling.
  • Understand why the Salesforce must be agile in a changing business world.

 Value creation buyer-salesperson relationships.(LO1&3)

  • Understand the development and role of selling within the marketing concept.
  • Explain the relationship of the role of selling and marketing within an organisation.
  • Explore the concept of perceived value and the importance to relationship selling,
  • Explain why customer loyalty is critical to business success.
  • Recognise and discuss the value chain.
  • Identify how value can be communicated in the sales message for each category.
  • Understand how to manage customer expectations.

 Customer lifetime value (LO1,&3)

  • Explore the concept of customer centricity and its importance to an organisation.
  • Identify the building blocks of customer lifetime value.
  • Discuss how customer lifetime value and return on investment can assess the value of a customer.
  • Describe how salespeople can leverage value for customers in B2B and B2C.

Sales call planning (LO1&2)

  • Describe how to qualify a lead as a prospect.
  • Explain why prospecting is important to long-term success in relationship selling.
  • Identify the various sources of prospects..
  • Prepare a prospecting plan.
  • Explain call reluctance and identify how to overcome it.

Communicating the sales message (LO1,2,4&5)

  • Understand the characteristics of a sales presentation.
  • Identify sales presentation strategies.
  • Appreciate the art of personal communication in selling situation
  • Discuss the steps in preparing for a sales presentation.
  • Discuss the steps involved in approaching the customer.
  • Define the key components to a great sales presentation.
  • Understand how to apply your sales knowledge to customer’s needs.
  • Examine how important product demonstrations are in presentations.
  • Explore the use of online platforms and social media.
  • Discuss the omnipresence in the sales environment. 
  • Appreciate the International sales environment.

Negotiating for win-win solutions (LO1,2,4&5)

  • Understand the process of negotiating win-win solutions.
  • Examine the common objectives that are encountered when dealing with salespeople.
  • Discuss the factors to consider in negotiating with customers.
  • Understand the specific negotiating strategies.

Closing the sale and the follow-up (LO1,2,4&5)

  • Understand the different closing techniques.
  • Discuss the concept of rejection and ways to deal with it.
  • Identify various verbal and nonverbal buying signals.
  • Understand when to trial close.
  • Recognise and avoid common closing mistakes.
  • Explain the aspects to follow-up that enhance customer relationships.

Ethical and legal issues in relationship selling (LO1&5)

  • Understand the importance of ethical behaviour in sales and sales management.
  • Identify the ethical concerns facing salespeople as they relate to customers and employers.
  • Discuss the legal issues in relationship selling.
  • Create a personal code of ethics.

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Multiple Choice Exam Coursework Assessment Assessment 15 % Week 5 1,4
2 Midterm interview - Cross assessment Coursework Assessment Oral Exam/Presentation 15 % Week 6 1,2,3,4
3 Muliple Choice Exam Coursework Assessment Assessment 15 % Week 9 1,2,5
4 Sales Letter Coursework Assessment Assignment 15 % Week 14 1
5 Sales Presentation - Cross assessment Coursework Assessment Oral Exam/Presentation 40 % Week 15 1,2,3,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Tiered Classroom Lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Tutorial Flat Classroom Tutorial 2 Weekly 2.00
Independent Learning Not Specified Independent Learning 3 Weekly 3.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 4.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
2012-09-19 Contagious Selling: How to Turn a Connection into a Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN 9780071796958 ISBN-13 0071796959

The breakthrough selling method that converts leads into customers, customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into lifelong relationships Salespeople too often approach selling as a transaction instead of a relationship--going in with the intention to sell rather than to build a relationship. Use the lessons in Contagious Selling to put relationships first--and sales will inevitably follow. Contagious Selling provides the tools for captivating even the toughest customers and then cultivating genuine relationships through the power of being contagious. A leading expert on persuading and motivating others, David Rich presents his powerful new method for attracting, connecting with, and maintaining buyers. Inside, he teaches you how to Get prospects to feel as if they've known you their whole lives Use voice modulation and body language to instantly connect with anybody Sell yourself without sounding self-serving Manage the transition from captivation to cultivation Make your customers "competition proof"

Recommended Reading
2017-05-09 Everybody Lies Dey Street Books
ISBN 0062390856 ISBN-13 9780062390851

An Economist Best Book of the Year A PBS NewsHour Book of the Year An Entrepeneur Top Business Book An Amazon Best Book of the Year in Business and Leadership New York Times Bestseller Foreword by Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of our Nature Blending the informed analysis of The Signal and the Noise with the instructive iconoclasm of Think Like a Freak, a fascinating, illuminating, and witty look at what the vast amounts of information now instantly available to us reveals about ourselves and our worldprovided we ask the right questions. By the end of an average day in the early twenty-first century, human beings searching the internet will amass eight trillion gigabytes of data. This staggering amount of informationunprecedented in historycan tell us a great deal about who we arethe fears, desires, and behaviors that drive us, and the conscious and unconscious decisions we make. From the profound to the mundane, we can gain astonishing knowledge about the human psyche that less than twenty years ago, seemed unfathomable. Everybody Lies offers fascinating, surprising, and sometimes laugh-out-loud insights into everything from economics to ethics to sports to race to sex, gender and more, all drawn from the world of big data. What percentage of white voters didnt vote for Barack Obama because hes black? Does where you go to school effect how successful you are in life? Do parents secretly favor boy children over girls? Do violent films affect the crime rate? Can you beat the stock market? How regularly do we lie about our sex lives and whos more self-conscious about sex, men or women? Investigating these questions and a host of others, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz offers revelations that can help us understand ourselves and our lives better. Drawing on studies and experiments on how we really live and think, he demonstrates in fascinating and often funny ways the extent to which all the world is indeed a lab. With conclusions ranging from strange-but-true to thought-provoking to disturbing, he explores the power of this digital truth serum and its deeper potentialrevealing biases deeply embedded within us, information we can use to change our culture, and the questions were afraid to ask that might be essential to our healthboth emotional and physical. All of us are touched by big data everyday, and its influence is multiplying. Everybody Lies challenges us to think differently about how we see it and the world.

Recommended Reading
2006-02-07 How to Sell Anything to Anybody Simon and Schuster
ISBN 9780743273961 ISBN-13 0743273966

"The world's greatest salesman" reveals the spectacular selling principles that have brought him to the top of his profession as he offers helpful advice on how to develop customer profiles, how to turn a prospect into a buyer, how to close the deal, and how to establish a long-term relationship with one's customers. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

Required Reading
2012-11-13 Joe Girard's 13 Essential Rules of Selling: How to Be a Top Achiever and Lead a Great Life McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN 9780071799058 ISBN-13 0071799052

Required Reading
2018 Selling McGraw Hill
ISBN 1259573206 ISBN-13 9781259573200

Required Reading
2019 Selling and Sales Management Pearson

Required Reading
Selling and Sales Management, Pearson

Required Reading
2021 Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value Pearson

Required Reading
2011 Smarter Selling Financial Times/Prentice Hall
ISBN 0273750445 ISBN-13 9780273750444

Every now and then, you read a book that turns accepted wisdom on its head and shows a new way. This is one of those books. "Rick Adkinson, CEO, Private Capital, Hong Kong." "Success in the consultative sale is all about creating customer value from every meeting, but few salespeople know how to do this. This book has many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating capabilities." "Neil Rackham, best-selling author of "SPIN Selling."" The tools covered in this book will help any sales person who wants to make the shift from a traditional to a consultative approach and ultimately towards becoming a trusted advisor." " "Charles H. Green." "Best selling co-author of "The Trusted Advisor The Smarter Selling approaches really improved our people's ability to engage with clients and spot opportunities to deliver additional value." "Tom Keller, President, Iron Mountain Eastern Europe and Scandinavia" SHOWS YOU THE SMARTER WAY TO SELL: BUILDING TRUSTED, CONSULTATIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS Whatever you sell, this book will help you do it better, and feel better about doing it. By switching your focus from the hard sell to building more trust and adding more value, you will end up not just with more satisfied customers, but with more sales as well. "

Required Reading
1988-05-22 SPIN Selling McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 0070511136 ISBN-13 9780070511132

The international bestseller that revolutionized high-end selling! Written by Neil Rackham, former president and founder of Huthwaite corporation, SPIN Selling is essential reading for anyone involved in selling or managing a sales force. Unquestionably the best-documented account of sales success ever collected and the result of the Huthwaite corporation's massive 12-year, $1-million dollar research into effective sales performance, this groundbreaking resource details the revolutionary SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) strategy. In SPIN Selling, Rackham, who has advised leading companies such as IBM and Honeywell delivers the first book to specifically examine selling high-value product and services. By following the simple, practical, and easy-to-apply techniques of SPIN, readers will be able to dramatically increase their sales volume from major accounts. Rackham answers key questions such as What makes success in major sales and Why do techniques like closing work in small sales but fail in larger ones? You will learn why traditional sales methods which were developed for small consumer sales, just won't work for large sales and why conventional selling methods are doomed to fail in major sales. Packed with real-world examples, illuminating graphics, and informative case studies - and backed by hard research data - SPIN Selling is the million-dollar key to understanding and producing record-breaking high-end sales performance.

Required Reading
2006-06 The Psychology of Selling Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN 9780785288060 ISBN-13 0785288066

Brian Tracy, one of the top professional speakers and sales trainers in the world today, found that his most important breakthrough in selling was the discovery that it is the "Psychology of Selling" that is more important than the techniques and methods of selling. Tracy's classic audio program, The Psychology of Selling, is the best-selling sales training program in history and is now available in expanded and updated book format for the first time. Salespeople will learn: "the inner game of selling" how to eliminate the fear of rejection how to build unshakeable self-confidence Salespeople, says Tracy, must learn to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions to make themselves more effective.

Required Reading
2010 The Secrets of Selling: How to win in any sales situation FT Publishing International

Recommended Reading
2013 To Sell is Human Penguin
ISBN 9781594631900 ISBN-13 1594631905

Explores the power of selling while arguing that everyone, including non-salespeople, engages in persuasive or "moving" behaviors, and discusses how to navigate powerful economic changes while building modern negotiating skills.

Recommended Reading
2011-09-07 What Got You Here Won't Get You There in Sales: How Successful Salespeople Take it to the Next Level McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN 9780071773942 ISBN-13 0071773940

Describes how to recognize career-harming habits and stop them to improve one's business and personal life.

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  • The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
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