MKTG06081 2019 Marketing for Designers

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Full Title
Marketing for Designers
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Marketing for Designers
81 %
Subject Area
MKTG - Marketing
YADA - Yeats Academy Art Dsgn & Arch
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2019 - Full Academic Year 2019-20
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Emer Ward, Louis McManus
Programme Membership
SG_DCRDS_B07 201900 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design SG_DCRDS_H08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design SG_DCREA_B07 202300 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design SG_DCRDS_B07 202400 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design SG_DCRDS_H08 202400 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design SG_DCREA_H08 202300 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design

This module allows for design students to develop a marketing approach to design solutions.  It provides them with marketing knowledge within the context of the creative industries.  An understanding of marketing activities and the importance of the customer is paramount in developing a wider skill set.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Understand the concept of marketing and its applicability to creative industries


Appreciate the importance of the customer and create profiles of customers and users that will be target markets


Be familiar with the marketing research process and various marketing research methods available to organisations


Develop a skill set for selling products and services


Use online and digital marketing techniques to engage with customers using appropriate messages and content

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The teaching is a mix of traditional lectures and practical hands on marketing activities using the problem based learning approach.

Real businesses are used so that the students can put what they are being taught into practice.

Case studies and journal articles form part of the back bone of the theory.

Module Assessment Strategies

Undertaking marketing research

Presenting a sales pitch with supporting marketing materials

Preparing marketing communications plans


Case studies

In class test



Repeat Assessments

Repeating the part of the assessment that they missed out on.

Indicative Syllabus

The marketing concept - the history and development of marketing thought

The role of marketing in the creative industries - how similar or different is marketing in these sectors?

The marketing environment and the importance of competitors, trends and environmental analysis

Customers - market segmentation, target marketing and customer personas

Marketing Research methods - the stages in the research process, and the qualitative and quantitative research methods available

The Marketing mix -   Product and service concept, branding, devising marketing messages and integrated marketing communications methods, pricing  and distribution decisions

Selling - preparing sales pitches and supporting materials

Online marketing - social media and digital marketing

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 In class test Coursework Assessment Closed Book Exam 20 % End of Semester 1,2,3,4,5
2 Sales pitch Coursework Assessment Assessment 30 % Week 11 4
3 Market research Coursework Assessment Assignment 30 % Week 5 3
4 Marketing communciations online/offline Coursework Assessment Assignment 20 % Week 9 2,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Problem Based Learning Flat Classroom Marketing 1 Weekly 1.00
Lecture Flat Classroom Marketing 2 Weekly 2.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 3.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
2011-05-13 Marketing Gill & MacMillan
ISBN 0717149811 ISBN-13 9780717149810

The fourth edition of this successful and well-established textbook provides an introduction to marketing theory, supported by examples of Irish and international marketing best practice. New to this edition Completely updated perspectives on marketing theory and practice Each chapter is updated with new vignettes, statistics, theories and examples to reflect dynamic changes and challenges within this discipline New and updated case studies including the Love Irish Food Initiative, the Community Games Movement, Tayto, Flahavan's Porridge and Dubarry Footwear Analysis of the changes that have taken place in the Irish marketing environment Emphasis on the challenges that will face Irish marketers in coming years A customer-centric approach to marketing is presented as the basis for making key decisions Additional resources for lecturers include: PowerPoint slides Multiple choice questions with answers Short questions with answers Case study teaching notes A 'Design a Questionnaire' exercise with answer Advertisement images and statistics tables from the text SUITABLE FOR - First and Second year business students at third level - Students taking a marketing module as part of any other course

Required Reading
2007-05-08 Marketing Research in Ireland Gill & MacMillan
ISBN 0717142000 ISBN-13 9780717142002

This updated edition of the well-established textbook on the theory and practice of Marketing Research in Ireland, presents a balanced theoretical, applied and managerial approach to the subject area, in a student-friendly and readable writing style.

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources

Christine Domegan and Declan Fleming (2011) Marketing Research In Ireland published by Gill and Macmillan

Donal Rogan (2011) Marketing  An introduction for students in Ireland published by Gill and Macmillan

Journal Resources

Harvard Business Review

Journal of Marketing

McKinsey Quarterly

MIT Sloan Management

Business Horizons

URL Resources

Other Resources

Newspapers and business magasines - Irish and International

You tube