HRM08012 2022 People Management Skills 2

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Full Title
People Management Skills 2
Transcript Title
People Management Skills 2
70 %
Subject Area
HRM - Human Resource Management
MKTS - Marketing, Tourism & Sport
08 - NFQ Level 8
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2022 - Full Academic Year 2022-23
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Aileen Brennan, Caroline Casey
Programme Membership
SG_BSPOR_H08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BBUSI_K08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business L8 (Add-on) DoMTS SG_BBUSI_K08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business L8 (Add-on) DoMTS SG_BBMTS_K08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business with Marketing (Add on) SG_BSPOR_K08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business (Add-on) SG_BGENE_K08 202200 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in General Business (Add-on) SG_BSPOR_H08 202400 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BSPOR_K08 202400 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business (Add-on)

This module is designed to develop the student's people management skills in a variety of professional people management contexts.  It will provide the student with a solid grounding in the current theory and practice of negotiation and coaching in addition to development of practical skills and expertise in negotiation and coaching practice. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Analyse the role of negotiation skills in effective people management in successful organisations.


Critically evaluate the current theory and practice of coaching in effective people management.


Formulate creative and effective strategies and solutions with regard to people management issues.


Design, deliver and implement an effective negotiation strategy related to a people management scenario.


Design and deliver an effective coaching initiative related to a people management scenario

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Effective teaching and learning strategies will evolve as the module is delivered  However, it is expected that lectures (live, virtual, and/or recorded) will be combined with practical skills workshops. Videos, occasional guest speakers and problem-based learning will be core to this module. The application and practice of skills will be a core teaching and learning strategy of this module.

Module Assessment Strategies

The assessment of this module will be continuous. Assessments will incorporate both the development of appropriate strategies, based on an understanding of best practice, and the application of these strategies, through an assessment of skills.

Repeat Assessments

Repeat assessments will be developed to align with failed components

Module Dependencies

HRM08011 201600 People Management Skills 1

Indicative Syllabus

LO 1,3,4 The theory of effective negotiation

  • Conflict what is it and why is it important to manage.
  • Negotiation as a conflict management strategy.
  • Assertiveness in negotiation.
  • Persuasion and influence in negotiation.
  • Negotiation strategies.
  • Negotiation stages.
  • Negotiation tactics.

LO 1,3,4 Negotiation skills and techniques

Development and enhancement of personal skills of

  • persuading,
  • influencing,
  • negotiation behaviours, skills and techniques:
    • scripting,
    • framing,
    • trading,
    • managing.

LO 2,3,5 The theory of effective coaching

  • What is coaching and how it fits into leadership and people management.
  • Types of coaching.
  • The manager as coach.
  • Models of coaching.
  • Coaching skills for managers.

LO 2,3,5 Coaching skills

Development and enhancement of personal skills of:

  • problem clarification,
  • empathetic listening,
  • questioning techniques,
  • providing effective feedback,
  • coaching techniques,
  • goal setting.

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Negotiation Skills Preparation and Practice Coursework Assessment Practical Evaluation 50 % Week 6 1,3,4
2 Coaching Skills Preparation and Practice Coursework Assessment Individual Project 50 % Week 12 2,3,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Flat Classroom Lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Supervision Flat Classroom Skills Development Workshop 2 Weekly 2.00
Independent Learning Not Specified Independent reading & project work 4 Weekly 4.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 4.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
2021 Interpersonal Skills in Organizations McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 1264072848 ISBN-13 9781264072842
Required Reading
2021 Skilled Interpersonal Communication Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group
ISBN 1032008784 ISBN-13 9781032008783
Recommended Reading
20/01/2022 Developing Management Skills Pearson
ISBN 0135229847 ISBN-13 9780135229842
Required Reading
2021 Excellence in Coaching Kogan Page
ISBN 1789665477 ISBN-13 9781789665475
Recommended Reading
2015 The Negotiation Book John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 9781119155461 ISBN-13 1119155460

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources


Journal Resources

People Management Journal (CIPD)

Harvard Business Review 

Coaching, An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice (AC)

URL Resources


Other Resources



Skills Training DVD: Persuade, Influence and Negotiate (CIPD, 2009)

Skills Training DVD: Coaching Skills (CIPD, 2009)

Additional Information

Book, journal, website, and other resources may alter and extend as the programme progresses.