HIST06015 2019 Visual and Material Culture 2 (Frameworks of Modernity)

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Visual and Material Culture 2 (Frameworks of Modernity)
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Visual and Material Culture 2
80 %
Subject Area
HIST - History / Theory of Art
YADA - Yeats Academy Art Dsgn & Arch
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2019 - Full Academic Year 2019-20
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Angela Mehegan, Louis McManus
Programme Membership
SG_DCRDS_B07 201900 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design SG_DCRDS_H08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design SG_AARTT_B07 201900 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art SG_AARTT_H08 202200 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art SG_DCRDS_B07 202300 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design SG_DCRDS_H08 202300 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design

Visual and Material Culture 2 continues the investigation into the interface between art and design - from the impact of industrialisation to the advent of Modernism and Modernity in the late 19th and early 20th century.  The course is thematic in nature and examines a range of responses to this accelerated technology in art and design production and consumption, the rise of the Middle class, social change, the built environment, utopian visions and the concept of the Avant Garde.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Recognise the importance of cultural, social and economic conditions that relate to visual and material culture practices.


Apply critical skills for the analysis of art and design - objects, artefacts, works of art and texts.


Be familiar with the contexts in which the use and application of historical and theoretical terms feature.


Understand the value of research skills and be able to apply these to a structured document.


The ability to communicate research, using appropriate skills, both visual and written.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching and Learning Strategies are Lecture, Seminar and Workshop -based. Lectures supported by images and texts, provide the context and background to area under discussion. Seminars offer opportunities for more detailed thematic textual analysis and  group discussion. Workshops allow for focused interaction, research methodologies, oral communication and structured debate.

Module Assessment Strategies

The assessment strategy focuses on the student's evaluation of Visual and Material Culture through:

Application of Visual Research Methodologies
Written submissions
Individual and Group Presentations
Discipline-based research
Interaction with Fine Art & Design studio projects

Repeat Assessments

Repeat Assessments are based on existing briefs and  allow students to repeat assignments in Autumn

Indicative Syllabus

Core Lectures (1 Hour) 

The core lectures are offered to Art and Design students and will focus on the impact of industrialisation and subsequent technologies on the development of  late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth  Century art and design, with particular emphasis on the following areas

Industrialisation:  New materials, Strategies and Processes.

Consumption and its impact on art and design practice

Industrialisation and its Response: Arts and Crafts Movement

The Concept of the Avant Garde 

Utopian Visions: Art, Design and Social Change

Exhibiting the Other: 'Primitivism' Modernity and Display 

New Realities, New Visions: Cubism and Abstraction

Spirituality and the Self: Modernism and Expressionism

Art, Design and Decadence

Irish Art: The Celtic Revival and Identity

Popular Culture and its Artefacts 

Seminars (2 Hours)  are disciplined-based and address a broad range of themes and perspectives, informed by specific Fine Art and Design issues. Also included are:

  • Critical and contextual studies

  • Research strategies and methodologies

  • Communications skills: verbal, visual and written.

  • Fine Art & Design Studio Projects

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Thematic Essay Continuous Assessment Essay 50 % Week 6 1,2,3,4
2 Group Presentation Continuous Assessment Group Project 40 % Week 12 1,2,3,4,5
3 Seminar Participation Formative Performance Evaluation - % OnGoing

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Lecture Theatre Core Themes 1 Weekly 1.00
Seminar Flat Classroom Contextual Studies :Discipline-Based 2 Weekly 2.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 3.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
1999-02-15 Modernism in Art, Design and Architecture Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN 031221832X ISBN-13 9780312218324

The cultural processes of the Enlightenment and the subsequent development of industrial cultures informed the early ideas of Modernism and led to a world of rapid communication, fast cars and cities filled with skyscrapers and consumer goods. This book examines the way in which visual culture reflects its conceptual and physical origins in elite, and mass, cultural practices. The book introduces the ideas of Modernism and their post-modern evolution in a clear and engaging argument that links the development of visual culture to the social and political conditions in which it is produced. It establishes key concepts and critical terms of reference at the outset before taking the reader through the evolution of the 20th century's visual culture in a lively and approachable way.

Required Reading
2018-10 Modernist Design Complete
ISBN 0500518424 ISBN-13 9780500518427

The powerful aesthetic and philosophical framework that modernism ushered in during the early part of the 20th century revolutionized the built world, transformed our living spaces and lifestyles, and fundamentally changed the way we think about design. As they experimented with new forms, materials and techniques, modernist designers rejected historical precedents to prioritize function over history and tradition. This ambitious survey brings together all facets and all scales of design in a comprehensive volume that presents the vast breadth of both towering and lesserknown figures, revealing unexpected connections and new insights. Through sections on furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles, industrial and product design, graphic design and posters, architecture and interiors, and through profiles of nearly a hundred influential creators, including iconic figures, such as Bruno Mathsson, Charlotte Perriand and Lszl Moholy-Nagy, as well as architects Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Eliel Saarinen and Walter Gropius, the book's scope is unprecedented. Complete with specially commissioned essays by established academics and subject specialists, and with nearly 650 illustrations, the majority in colour, this book is set to become the definitive reference for a generation, equally indispensible for the designer's studio, the library shelves or the collector's desk.

Required Reading
2016-07-01 The Routledge Companion to Design Studies Routledge
ISBN 1138780502 ISBN-13 9781138780507

Since the 1990s, in response to dramatic transformations in the worlds of technology and the economy, design - a once relatively definable discipline, complete with a set of sub-disciplines - has become unrecognizable. Consequently, design scholars have begun to address new issues, themes and sub-disciplines such as: sustainable design, design for well-being, empathic design, design activism, design anthropology, and many more. The Routledge Companion to Design Studiescharts this new expanded spectrum and embraces the wide range of scholarship relating to design - theoretical, practice-related and historical - that has emerged over the last four decades. Comprised of forty-three newly-commissioned essays, the Companionis organized into the following six sections: Defining Design: Discipline, Process Defining Design: Objects, Spaces Designing Identities: Gender, Sexuality, Age, Nation Designing Society: Empathy, Responsibility, Consumption, the Everyday Design and Politics: Activism, Intervention, Regulation Designing the World: Globalization, Transnationalism, Translation Contributors include both established and emerging scholars and the essays offer an international scope, covering work emanating from, and relating to, design in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. This comprehensive collection makes an original and significant contribution to the field of Design Studies.

Required Reading
1991 The Shock of the New Alfred a Knopf Incorporated
ISBN 0679728767 ISBN-13 9780679728764

A beautifully illustrated hundred-year history of modern art, from cubism to pop and avant-guard. More than 250 color photos.

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources

Attfield, J & Kirkham, P  (1995) A View from the Interior, Feminism Women and Design, London, Women's Press.

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Wilk, C., (2010) Modernism 1914-1939: Designing a New World, V & A



Journal Resources

 Art in America; Architecture and Design; Domus; Contemporary; Blueprint; Art News; Art Forum; Circa; ID Magazine; Flash Art Art in America; Architecture and Design; 

URL Resources

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: https://www.metmuseum.org

Arts Encyclopedia: http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/

The Victorian Web: http://www.victorianweb.org/


MAK Museum Vienna :https://www.mak.at/en


Musee D'Orsay: https://www.musee-orsay.fr/

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